Our name reflects our passion. What does our region need the most? Better roads? Less traffic? Less political angst? All good things... but what we believe our surrounding community needs the most is to See Jesus in all we do. When people are in a growing relationship with Jesus, there is greater peace, passion for life, and care for family, the community, and all those around them. This is why our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Our desire is that in everything (including our facilities) our friends, family, and community would See Jesus! Our See Jesus campaign builds around the very purpose of why we exist as a church. We want people to See Jesus in our lives, See Jesus at our work, See Jesus when we worship, and See Jesus in how we steward this beautiful 44 acres God has given us.



February 2022

Where are we at now? In June 2020, we received our Conditional Use Permit and submitted our building permits soon after that. The CUP process took over two years, and we are now approaching two years for our final building permit approvals. The good news is that we should have permits this summer. The not-so-good news is that prices have almost doubled since we launched our building efforts in 2016, which means we need to relook at what we can build for with what we can afford.

So what's next? As soon as we receive building permits, we will work with an architect on adjusting our plans to work within our budget. Once those are complete will go back to King County and the Historic Landmark Commission for approval.

What does this mean? We will be building something, but it will be smaller. The revised plans have to go thru the permitting process once again, which puts us out a minimum of two years from breaking ground.

What's guiding us? New Community began in a home with five families, rented facilities in a school for 17 years, and finally saved enough money to purchase our current amazing property. We have held on to biblical principles throughout this journey to ensure we don't overextend ourselves. We will continue to use the same guiding principles; striving to be good stewards (1 Timothy 6:17-21), not hasty in our decisions (Proverbs 21:5), and not overextending ourselves (Proverbs 22:7) as we move forward.

Thank you for journeying with us on our mission to create environments that encourage and equip people to Love God, Make Friends, and Change the World!

A Letter from Pastor Ken

Our campaign name "See Jesus" reflects what we have been doing these past five years here at New Community. We have turned an abandoned golf course into a beautiful park like structure for our community so that they may See Jesus as they walk the trails, fish in our ponds, swim in the pool, play mini-golf, and worship in an award-winning restored barn.

It's my prayer that you join us all as we commit to making more space for more people to See Jesus! Imagine future generations thanking you for your sacrificial and generous giving so others may See Jesus. Their "thank you's" start with play, laughter, and singing; and end with someone sharing how they can See Jesus! Wow! For us, that's a vision worth investing in!

Will you please join with us in prayerful consideration of how God would have you involved in this vision and in the vision for generations to come?

Helping others See Jesus,

Pastor Ken


The success of New Community's See Jesus initiative depends upon each of us prayerfully considering gifts that are beyond our current giving. The process of deciding what is "faith stretching" is exciting because generosity is a major way our community can See Jesus in us!

For some additional information, please see the FAQ page.